display your headphones

Headphones should be on show, even when the owner isn't using them.


The new StashHead™ brings over-ear headphones to the living room, bedroom or even onto the wall as a fashion statement thanks to the handy mounting options. With a StashHead™ you will no longer misplace your headphones. You can avoid scratches and other damage because they won't be lying around the house any more.


StashHead™ is a co-production of designers, marketers and headphone lovers. We realized headphones are laying around everywhere. We wanted our precious headphones on a safe secure place. That's why we designed StashHead™. A universal stand for over-ear headphones. StashHead™ can be mounted to a wall or placed on a table/desk using the included stand. Hope you love it!

quality and color

StashHead™, made from clear polycarbonate. The same material used in cockpits and modern car headlights: it looks like glass, but it doesn't break. StashHead™ comes in various stylish colours for fashionistas to match any design and brand of headphones.

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